AnnaSophia Robb

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hearty Woods

He was ten and she was nine,
When their deep friendship began.
They love to play in the misty depths of Heart Woods
It became the scene of their childhood.

He was a joker and she was serious,
Their contrast brought unexpected hues
She loves to laugh and he loves adventures,
They deserve each other, not some kind of indenture.

In the Hearty Woods, where they play,
Their love blossomed, somehow, someway.
He was flattered and so was she,
A pact forged, fore’er should stay.

As he climbed the tree, she was cheering,
As she swam the lake, he was laughing.
Happiness flooded thy hearts,
Proved none can tear them apart.

Years had passed and days died out,
The fun ceased as they grown, no doubt.
Still, they met in the misty depths of Hearty Woods,
Yes, ‘Cos it’s the scene of their childhood.

He was handsome and she was lovely,
She was still serious and he was still funny.
And their love- oh love- blooming with beauty,
Had put to an end when she said she was leaving.

He cried and cried,
Watching her back while, she strides,
Walking away from his arms from now,
Not being sure how he will survive somehow…

More years had passed and days died out,
The memories of the joy they had, never ceased, no doubt.
In their hearts, the happiness still lingers,
In their soul, promised friendship still flutters.

He had a wife and she had a man,
He had a daughter and she had a son.
And yes, they’ve shared the amity they had before,
How their love grew and ends, forever.

In the misty depths of Hearty Woods,
Where their adolescent childhood blossomed,
His daughter and her son,
Met and decided to continue what they’d begun.

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