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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Monet: Woman with a Parasol Pictures, Images and Photos

I woke up in a world where everything shines.
In a world where there’s only majestic radiance
And a world where there’s she, smiling at me.
I always love her, but I never had the occasion,
To tell her that, oh how a coward I am, yes!
But now in the world where everything glows,
I was with her; the fate was on my side, who knows?
With the peculiar sound of the trumpet,
We both laugh as though we deeply knew each other.
But then she stopped chuckling and looked at me
She said, “If I die, would you die for me?”
I laughed and thought it was a joke,
Until she gave me a solemn look,
So I said,” If you die, would you wait for me?”
I answered her love with love.
I replied her dare with a dare.
She smiled and asked me again:
“If I waited for you, would you come?”
She replied my dare with another dare.
My smile vanished slightly and just said:
“If I come, would you say yes?”
She stood up and bathed herself with the light.
“If I said yes now, would you promise to come?”
I pulled myself up and felt the luminosity covered me.
“If I vowed to come, would you be there?”
She faced me and hugged.
“I am already there,”

From the dream, I woke up.
She’s not there and the place, I was back to earth.
My sister came and her tears falling,
Said she was gone and I was shocked.
The vision, the questions, it was real.
All had happened inside my head,
The words that came out on her mouth,
Was true and always true.

I made a promise to her,
The pact that with my love became stronger.
She was waiting for me on the other side of the river,
And all I have to do is to cross the perilous rush.
With the blood streaming on my wrist,
I could see her, smiling at me.
In the world where everything shines.
“If I came,” I said. “Would you be there?”
I am now close to her and she was standing
In front of me.
Again, she hugged me and said:
“I’m already there.”

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