AnnaSophia Robb

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Summer pour

Andante - Mozart

First off, I want to tell every one,
I hate summer and its blazing sun.
It’d burned my face, sweltered it with sweat,
I could hardly catch my breath.

I lived in a town,
Simple, yet could tire you down.
‘Cause it’s under the majestic posture
Of the ungrateful, blazing sun, ‘course I’m sure.

Yet –and yet- I’d loved being in here,
As long as I’m with my little sister, Kim.
And together, we’ll take a shower,
Fighting the heat, turning it over.

She was four and was cute,
She looked like my mother yeah it’s the truth.
She loves red dresses
And my mum’s sweet caresses.

My mother died in cancer,
Yes, I so much hate her.
Leaving me and Kim alone,
But luckily now I’m grown.

I took her position as a guardian,
Caring Kim, telling her how to be a good woman.
She obeyed me a lot,
So, mum, I still haven’t forgot.

We both love to rain that day, I remembered.
Singing a song, we want rain be delivered.
Oh! I hate the summer and its blazing sun,
Please, let the heat cool down and be gone!

She slept and I slept with her,
In my arms, she felt I was her protector.
I could feel her breathe,
I could smell her rosy cheek.

She once told me, that she lost her favorite ribbon,
I woke up, one night, turning the stove on when I found
The ribbon, swaying outside,
So to make her please, I quickly stride.

But the windswept took the ribbon away,
So I have to run for it as it swayed.
Far and far, it brought me,
Completely forgotten the fire, oh gee!

Therefore, when I came back,
I saw nothing but black.
Smoke covered the house,
Felt the horror through my brain it rushed.

I quickly came for Kim, my sister,
But the man beside, grabbed my shoulder.
“It’s too late, the fire had spread.”
Saw the pity on his face as he said.

I screamed like hell,
Shouting my sister’s name,
“Kim! Kim! Kim!”
But I’m a hopeless grim.

In my hand, I held the ribbon,
The tears, ungrateful it was, fell down.
The summer season had poured its rain,
Yes, I could feel coldness on my veins.

I didn’t manage to say goodbye,
So all I did was to cry and cry.
For my sister, Kim, my sister.
Yes, that’s the reason why I hate summer.

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