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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Poem For Her

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The goddess of beauty,
In her form, oh thee!
The ambrosial smell, out of this mundane, unaware,
The complexion of diamond fair,
I could not ask for nothing more,
She is perfect, even perfect than before.
One in a million,
Will fit the searched expression.
Is there a way, I wonder?
That I could even touch her?
Yeah, she’s covered with a radiant aura,
And me? Stuck in a form of hatred fauna!
She’s like a rainbow that could only be seen,
But cannot be touch by bare skin.
Like the butterfly wings,
Like the multihued wonder of the polar borealis.
She brought the colors in my life,
Her loveliness, that glitters with the spotlight
No other mortal could surpass
Her gleaming splendor that forever would last.
Exaggerated I am, right now,
Think only this of me: that somehow
When the time has come,
Even I say I am a dirty piece of humdrum,
That the ecstatic glow
Of her body, hell I know,
Found its way on my midst
And gave me the prospect of a kiss.
Then I’ll be the luckiest of all,
However, I started something from small!

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