AnnaSophia Robb

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring's Bloom

The spring already came,
Oh! The cherry blossoms could say.
My stone heart, melted by the breeze,
Nature’s breath that’ll really please.

I was standing at the bridge
Before I saw a little girl, around three.
She was smiling and humming,
Strumming and striding.

She stopped at a corner of the river,
When she spotted this little flower.
She grinned at it, with pity,
So she got a can and watered it.

Looking gratified, she dropped herself,
Beside the flower, so I ask myself,
“Kids these days are weird, right?”
Then I turned away and departed, looking bright.

The next day, I came back,
Then saw again, the girl caring the plant with her knack,
Therefore, I watched her again,
Bored but well entertained.

I left without a word,
I’m satisfied and so was she, I know.
Oh! The spring really came,
Yes, the cherry blossom and the children could say.

Looking for morale, I came back.
Smiling, she was there, with her plant-caring knack.
I couldn’t help but to think,
Such wonder can give by the pleasant spring.

One day, it rained so hard,
The thunder growled, like glass turning into shard
She was crying,
As the flower seemed to be dying.

The ungrateful rush of flood,
Was killing the flower’s fragile bud.
I was sad too
For the girl and for her flower too.

It happened before it did,
The girl ran, I was stuck, lurid.
She ran for her flower,
Even the waters are a lot bigger.

I was scared for her,
So I did ran after,
To save her and her flower
With all my might and power.

There was a great flash of water,
Then poor girl was sent down under
The killing river.
I was shocked and cried for her.

She did not emerge from the flood,
But there wasn’t a drop of blood.
I dived and searched,
Hours passed, my quest blurred.

Her pursuit, for the simple thing,
That brought joy in her life, I think.
Inspires me, yes, as the spring came and leave,
You could see it, the way the children did.

Then I found her cold,
In her hand, she holds
The symbol of spring, the prettiest flower.
That had changed my life, forever…

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